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2013 IBBA Nat'l Grand Champion Red Brangus Bull &“Show Bull of the Year”

TRIO’s Yucatan 175Y is one of the most exciting young herd sire prospects to emerge. His commanding phenotype is the result of the proven mating of TRIO’s Sequoia 112S and Miss Fancy 175/4. Yucatan shares this pedigree with TRIO’s Wildfire 175W, the 2010 and 2011 IBBA National Grand Champion and Show Female of the Year.

The appreciation of Yucatan begins at the ground with his sound, functional skeletal and structural design. He packs a highly expressive muscle pattern into a moderate frame. His quality and style are evident through the extension of his front end, long level spine and topline.


Yucatan’s pedigree is built upon breed leading donor females. His dam, Miss Fancy 175/4 is the 2006 IBBA National Grand Champion Female and a consistent quality dam. Her progeny include Yucatan, Wildfire, TRIO’s Triumph 175T and other young promising individuals. The dam of TRIO’s Sequoia 112S, Dos XX’s Miss Maria 112/2 is a powerful, impressive female that was also a twice National Grand champion Female.

Yucatan offers a lineage that is an outcross and compliment to every Red Brangus bloodline.

Show Honors:

  • 2013 IBBA National Grand Champion, Houston Livestock Show
  • 2013 IBBA Standard of Excellence Grand Champion, San Antonio Livestock Show
  • 2013 IBBA Western National, State Fair of Oklahoma (photo below)
  • 2013 IBBA National Show of Merit, State Fair of Lousisiana


Yucatan Progeny

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2015 IBBA Reserve Nat'l
Grand Champion
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